Production process

Efficiency and control: The production process phases

1. Compound warehouse

SEA RUBBER is able to transform the main families of elastomers:

  • NBR
  • HNBR
  • CR
  • EPDM zolfo
  • EPDM perox
  • ACM
  • AEM
  • VMQ
  • FKM
  • FVMQ

SEA RUBBER continuously develops new compounds in collaboration with its suppliers according to specific customer specifications.


2. Mould cleaning

SEA RUBBER uses an automatic ultrasonic washing system, able to guarantee constant mould cleaning necessary to avoid moulded component surface defects.

3. Moulding

SEA RUBBER uses the latest generation injection presses up to 450 tons.

Each press is connected to the central real-time process data collection system.

The use of multi-nozzle thermoregulated counter tops and mould change systems with magnetic counter tops allow maximum quality and productivity.

4. Deburring

SEA RUBBER is equipped to carry out cryogenic, mechanical or manual deburring processes.

5. Finishings

SEA RUBBER carries out the finishing process using tumblers, specific open and closed cycle machinery.

The finishing process ends with a specific wash that guarantees the highest standards of cleanliness.

6. Post curing

SEA RUBBER uses static and rotating ovens able to guarantee the optimal product vulcanization.

Department equipment is completed with some ovens dedicated to tests, industrialisation tests and small series.

7. Surface treatments

SEA RUBBER offers and manufactures various surface treatments to be applied to moulded components, to improve performance and functional properties.

They are usually used to modify the friction coefficient and, therefore, facilitate assembly operations and/or slow down the degree of part wear, providing resistance to the chemical aggressiveness of contact fluids.

In particular, SEA RUBBER provides:

  • Plasma
  • PTFE
  • Molykote®
  • Siliconatura
  • Talcatura

8. Final check

SEA RUBBER checks 100% of every single item according to the reference standards through an automatic or manual optical inspection process.

9. Quality laboratory

SEA RUBBER has a Quality laboratory equipped with the best equipment to verify product and process parameters.

More specifically:

  • Rheometer
  • Dynamometer operating in traction and compression
  • IRHD/Shore A Durometers
  • Electronic density meter
  • Ovens and equipment for compression sets
  • Smart Scope 3D
  • UTP Kalix 135 e 500
  • Thickness gauges, gauges and probes
  • Ageing tests
  • Keyence digital microscope
  • Zeiss microscope stereo
  • Zeiss O-INSPECT measurement machine

10. Packaging

SEA RUBBER packages each shipping batch according to the highest international standards and specific customer needs.

The affixed labels identify the product to guarantee maximum traceability.