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SEA RUBBER is able to meet the most varied customer requests, for a variety of materials, geometries and industrial applications.

SEA RUBBER supports its customers with product co-design activities and behavioural simulations with FEA analysis.

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Technical items

SEA RUBBER manufactures a multitude of custom technical items such as cable glands, bellows, anti-vibration, membranes, x-rings and v-rings as sealing elements for a wide variety of applications.

These products are defined by technical documentation and standards that specify both their conditions of use and their mechanical properties.


SEA RUBBER is able to produce O-Rings ranging in internal diameter from 0.8 mm to 1,000 mm, using compounds approved for the automotive, water and gas sectors.


SEA RUBBER produces washers, i.e. gaskets with a square or rectangular section, designed for static sealing between two bodies and defined by external, internal diameter and thickness. They can be manufactured by injection moulding, when precise tolerances, excellent surface finishes and particularly thin thickness are required. However, for significant volumes, SEA RUBBER produces washers from cut sleeves.


SEA RUBBER produces lip seals, for pneumatic and hydraulic applications, characterised by dimensions of less than 12 mm and with precise tolerances, within a few hundredths. Lip seal quality is guaranteed by specific dimensional control machines.

Rubber frames

SEA RUBBER produces various types of custom-made “frame” gaskets, of different sizes, sections and materials depending on the required application.


Lip seals

SEA RUBBER produces lip seals capable of withstanding very high pressures and used as sealing elements on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.