Our Products

  • guarnizioni come passacavi, soffietti, antivibranti, membrane,
    Technical items

    Technical items includes a variety of seals like grommets, bellows, dampers ..

  • Micro-seals prodotte da Sea Rubber: guarnizioni di minime dimensioni
    Micro Seals

    Micro seals are very small lip seals mainly for pneumatic and hydraulic applications..

  • O-rings prodotti da Sea Rubber

    O-rings are gaskets with a circular section used in many applications to seal the gases and fluids..

  • Guarnizioni 'cornici' prodotte da Sea Rubber per essere utilizzate come elemento di tenuta statica per accoppiare due corpi

    ‘Frames’ seals are items characterized by a rectangular or square shape..

  • Articoli tecnici prodotti da Sea Rubber: guarnizioni come passacavi, soffietti, antivibranti

    Washers are square or rectangular section seals defined by an inside and outside  diameters and a given thickness..

  • Guarnizioni a labbro prodotte da Sea Rubber
    Lip seals

    Lip seals can have different profiles but they share precise edges..